Boys Rules of Play and Game Information

Game Format:
  • 26 minute running halves with a 3-minute halftime
  • Games start on a central clock and then the officials take the game clock, tables keeps the penalty time
  • Teams not ready and on the field will be penalized and opposing team awarded possession
  • One 1-minute timeout per team per game - No timeouts in the last two minutes of the game
  • No horns - all subs are on the fly
  • 20 second defensive clearing & 10 second in the box rules enforced - all age divisions
  • Last 2 minutes of the game winning team must keep the ball in the box
  • All Games play to a winner.  At the end of regulation, if a  a seeding game ends in a tie, a winner will be determined by brave-heart contest (except in playoff and Championship games where the game will proceed to 4 minute sudden victory overtimes that will  continue until a winner is determined.)


Mercy Rule
Will be in effect during pool play but not during playoffs and championships. Teams down by 5 goals or more may be        awarded the ball at midfield

Championship Games:
26 minute running halves with a 3 minute halftime.  At the end of regulation time, if the game is tied will proceed to a 4 minute sudden victory overtime. If the game is still tied the 4 minute overtimes will continue until a winner is determined.  Teams are given one 1 minute time out per game.  No time outs allowed during overtime

Criteria for determining bracket winners and Sunday seeding
  1. Overall record within bracket
  2. Head to Head
  3. Least number of goals allowed
  4. Least goals allowed in game #1
  5. Least goals allowed in game #2
  6. Least goals allowed in game #3
  7. Coin Flip
Teams receive 2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie,  and 0 points for a loss

Game Rules:
  • Other than specified NFHS rules apply
  • All games are running clock
  • Games start on a central clock and then the officials take the game clock
  • Penalties will be 90 seconds and 45 seconds running clock starting on the officials whistle
  • Penalty times will be kept at the table by the official scorekeeper
  • Penalty time stops during timeouts
  • Game ejections will be handled by the game official
  • Any player ejected for fighting is automatically ejected for the remaining games in the tournament
  • No take out checks
  • Home team takes the right side of the field
  • Away team takes the left side of the field
  • Teams MUST be ready to go at the end of each game - you will ONLY have 5 minutes for your warm up prior to the game starting.  Failure to be ready to start the game, the ball will be awarded to the opposing team
  • Stick checks allowed however the result is a loss of time out by the team calling for the check
  • Home team has first AP

Tournament ejections will be handled by the Tournament Directors - no exceptions.


  • Players are only allowed to play on one (1) team and for only one (1)  program
  • Players cannot be rostered on multiple teams or with mulitiple programs
  • Failure to comply will result in game forfeiture